Grab the latest version of ExcelBlackjack. Play at work without your boss knowing.

admin On 11:00 PM

There's a new version of ExcelBlackjack up now. Included in this update is the ability to chose the number of decks you wish to play with. Minor bug fixes in the double-down button and showing the dealer's down card. Please be sure to download the latest version now.

Welcome to Excel Blackjack

admin On 2:23 PM

Have fun! Look productive!

Ever wanted to have fun at work? Afraid that the open window of solitaire will get you in trouble? Management won't let you install programs? Your network usage is monitored? What you need is a light, concealable game to stealthily play while at the office.

Excel Blackjack allows you to play a free full featured game of blackjack while in a spreadsheet. Just open the excel file and start playing. For better camouflage, fill in the cells beneath the game, or another worksheet in the book, with pertinent spreadsheet information that you would be working with. It could be a budget, or sales records, what ever you want. When your boss asks you what it is that you're doing, you could say you are, "Just going over the numbers."

Excel Blackjack is your way to play games at work. There is no software to install. It needs no network connection. It doesn't use a browser or flash. All you need is Microsoft Excel and have macros enabled. Excel Blackjack is written in VBA and run entirely from inside the spreadsheet. No other type of program is needed, nor is opened. It is the ultimate disguise for the work environment.

Don't hesitate, download for free the latest version of Excel Blackjack now. And keep checking back in the future for updates. Excel Blackjack will be constantly refined, adding more features, and improving gameplay.